About Us

My memories of my father always seemed to be surrounded by food.

He was a tall, good-looking man who had the metabolism of a hummingbird (not like his weight-watching daughters!). He loved to eat and share good food with everyone.

Born in New York City in 1909, he grew up in Coney Island where he picked up the nickname of “Mac.” He moved to Syracuse with my mother, Helen, and my infant sister, Arlene, where he established himself into the community.

He started his career at E.W. Edwards & Son, a prominent department store in downtown Syracuse. He successfully sold radios and appliances. Having a talent for electrical engineering and an interest in music and entertainment, he closely followed the advancements in television broadcasting. He opened a retail radio and appliance store in downtown Syracuse called “James Radio.”

When television was in its infancy, only being broadcast in New York City, he built a large roof-top antenna on the 10th floor of the building where his store was located, bringing in the magic of television to a little room in the rear of the shop. He loved demonstrating the new medium and entertaining the crowds of people that squeezed into the tiny room. Of course, there were always refreshments and food available.

When early televisions were large, major pieces of furniture, my father would say that someday, we all would hang them on our walls, like pictures! We thought he was nuts… but how did he know!?

Mac was always a kind and loving person, who wanted to share his passions with those around him. Energetic and inquisitive, you would always hear him whistling and singing or playing the piano by ear. When a person in need would come into his store, he would try to help and make sure they had a decent meal.

His favorite food was from Jewish delicatessens: corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, chicken soup with matzo balls, and so on. Mac’s love for people, music and food is what he instilled in each of us as his children, and that is why we have dedicated this restaurant in his name.

We continue his tradition of bringing people together for good food, music and entertainment, and thank you for your continued support.